Shot Blasted / Powder Coating

Wrought Iron

A compilation of wrought iron work displaying our services of powder coating.

All wrought iron sent in to us is shot blasted to be cleaned and etched as surface preparation before it is powder coated.

Coyote Coatings Ltd are renown for a thick quality coating at the highest standard.


Cost effective and fast turn around times makes powder coating a perfect coating for many industrial items/components.  We supply several engineering and fabrication companies with our powder coating service.  From shutter doors, brackets, extractor fan housings and much more!


We also supply our service to Motorsport and Motorcycle industries.  Due to the durability and strength of powder coating it is perfect for this kind of work.  It acts as a protective coating to items such as; stock car, motorcycle and go kart frames to brake  calipers & engine parts.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Wheel refurbishment is another service we provide, which includes a full professional process including; chemical stripping, removal of curbing/scuffs, shot blasting, powder coating and tyre fitting/wheel balancing.  We also offer an hassle free same day service where we carry out the full process for you, simply drop off at 9am and collect at 18:30pm.  For more information visit our alloy wheel refurbishment page.