Shot Blasting


Increases longevity and durability of protective coating because it adheres to the etched and scale free surface.

Perfect Prep

The finished surface obtained is absolutely free from chemical deposits, scales and dust content.

Cost Effective

It has emerged as one of the most effective and cheapest technique for surface preparation.


What Is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting is a surface preparation technique for powder coating.

Shot blasting equipment uses compressed accelerate media at high power to remove residue, rust and scale from the object.

More importantly it etches the surface in preparation for the powder coating to be applied.

Our Shot Blasting Service

Coyote Coatings use high quality blasting technologies to provide superior restoration and surface preparation to every project that enters our facilities.

We are equipped with superior blasting equipment and a large rubberised blast room .

Our blast room is a fully ventilated, non metallic grit system that recycles out all of the broken down grit material in order to ensure that your project receives the proper specification profile requirements.


Before/Original Condition


Original condition of the job as it entered The Coyote Work Shop

During/Shot Blasted


All previous coatings removed and cleaned by shot blasting

After/Powder Coated


Freshly powder coated, restored successfully and given a new lease of life

Take a Look...

Take a look at previous shot blasted and powder coated work we have undertaken