Wrought Iron

Our re-known reputation for our superior thick and durable coating in regards to wrought iron fencing.  We supply our shot blasting and powder coating services to an array of manufacturers, who we work closely with on a weekly basis.  With over 35 years coating experience with wrought iron fencing, it’s safe to say this is our bread and butter.


Here at Coyote we work closely with several engineering/fabrication companies to provide our coatings to their bespoke work.  We have a wide range of colours available from the best powder manufacturers on the market.  Every job we undertake is shot blasted before powder coated to ensure longevity and durability.


We have gained a strong foothold within the motorbike industry over the last few years and frequently coat frames, swing arms, forks etc on a weekly basis.  We have the knowledge and experience to understand the importance of masking particular parts and preserving the serial numbers on the frame work.

We also regularly powder coat car parts such as suspension springs, brake calipers, engine parts etc.

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